Here’s How Review for Investigation Differs from Review for Litigation

Review for Investigation Differs from Review for Litigation

While the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics in terms of in-person attendance, the events themselves were (as always) still compelling. Two of the Olympic track and field events always interesting are the 100-meter dash and the marathon, which is 26.2 miles. The 100-meter dash takes less than 10 seconds to decide […]

Is it Time to Change the Billing Model for Review Services?

By Jon Canty, CEO ComplexDiscovery’s 2020-2025 Worldwide Software and Services Overview estimates 68% of worldwide eDiscovery software and services spending in 2020, for a total of $7.41B in 2020, growing to a total of $9.53B by 2025. With document review constituting over two-thirds of total eDiscovery costs, how document review services price and bill clients have never been more critical. While there are […]

Considerations when moving to a (new) document and email management system.

document and email management system

By Ralf Kaiser, Dominic Piernot and Patrick Binz An increase in remote and mixed working conditions over the previous year contributes significantly to innovation processes in law firms and legal departments. However, these innovations are still under pressure. More than ever, a centralized information management tool has become the top priority for many managing partners […]

Prosperoware and Sandline Form Strategic Partnership

Prosperoware and Sandline Form Strategic Partnership to Further Boost Adoption of Microsoft 365 & Other Collaboration Platforms Frankfurt, July 19, 2021 With Prosperoware, Sandline Global adds multi-faceted platform technology to its solution portfolio for extending iManage and NetDocuments project deployments. Prosperoware, a thought-leading enterprise software company for adoption & governance, acts as an intermediate layer […]