Everlaw Features We Love

“My favorite feature is that you can date limit individual STR terms rather than having to create an entirely new STR with a different base search. So terms with 8 different date ranges can be 1 STR instead of 8.”

Kyle Brent, Project Manager

“I like the auto-audio transcription upon ingestion, so when you run search terms it hits on the audio and video transcription.

They’re rolling out a near dupe analysis where they show the two documents side-by-side and highlight the differences in the text, making it easy to compare near dupes.”

Cara Lemire, Vice President Sales & Marketing

“One of my favorite features in Everlaw is the ingestion process.

The ingestion process does more than just ingest data, as also it deNists, dedupes, runs Email Threading, runs Transcription of A/V files, identifies, foreign language, runs Clustering, and creates a searchable PDF of most documents.

This reduces the time and costs as you no longer need to complete the following tasks after ingestion:

  • Create an imaging set for redactions, as images are already created, so redactions can be applied right after ingestion, and productions can be set up and run without the need to image documents
  • Create and run an Email Threading, Near Dupe, Conceptual analytics set as that is already done at the point of ingestion so email threading results, duplicates, and clusters can be reviewed right away in the context panel
  • Install Veritone to transcript audio files as this already available after ingestion”
Serena Vire, Senior Project Manager