Document Review

Our goal is to develop an understanding, not just to complete a review



Our approach goes far beyond standard searching. We leverage a series of advanced analytics platforms, machine learning, and custom workflows to bolster the work of our review experts. Our sole purpose is to understand your data and bring clarity to your case.



The review managing attorney plays a crucial role in overseeing the document review process. At Sandline, we hire expert managing attorneys with 10+ years’ experience overseeing complex document reviews.



In a market where service providers draw on the same pool of talent, Sandline attracts top reviewers and team leads—all of whom are managed by our experienced managing attorneys. Sandline staffs the best and brightest people on your reviews, ensuring high quality work product.

 Our approach: Reduce, categorize, investigate.

Quality and Accuracy

Sandline’s managing attorneys have an unwavering commitment to document review quality and accuracy. Our experienced leaders supervise the review team and ensure relevancy and privilege are properly identified, reviewed, and categorized. Sandline has developed advanced circular quality control processes informed by continuous data-driven optimization.

Client Communication

In addition to sending frequent questions for client feedback, our team sends daily customized reporting highlighting important metrics. Reports are provided with valuable and actionable data content, reviewer performance, budget tracking, and anticipated review burden. We can also customize our reporting to fit your processes and needs.

Strategy & Innovation

By prioritizing analytics during Early Case Assessment and deploying custom quality control processes, we make the entire review more efficient, reliable, and cost effective.

Data Analysis Illustration

Sandline provides expert review protocol consulting, optimizing the review methodology and the structure of review workspaces and processes.


Every document set needs to be separated into the relevant and the irrelevant, privileged and not-privileged. Sandline’s efficient workflows save time and money on the part of all parties by removing data that is of no utility to anyone in the matter.


Our review managers work with case teams to determine the key facts, people, dates, and events which need in-depth description. Using this information along with their experience in the review set, our teams produce information that is meaningful to your case.

Information needs intelligence. If you’d like to speak to an expert about our approach to analytics and review, we’d be more than happy to walk you though our solutions. 

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