Sandline Agility and Adaptability: A Document Review Case Study  

Sandline staffs 65 seasoned document reviewers within 48 hours to handle a review project with a 7-day timeline


Sandline was approached by an AM Law firm to staff a review project for a fast-moving bankruptcy matter with multiple collections of an unknown number of documents to be reviewed and privileged logged within seven days.  

The client asked for an initial team of 15 reviewers to start within 48 hours. The next morning it was determined the review population would be approximately 70,000 documents with a third-party review platform host. 


Sandline was able to retain a contract staff of 65 reviewers and 3 Team Leads with subject matter experience to begin reviewing documents on day one. As the review progressed separate workstreams were created for first-level, privilege logging and a third group of reviewers working within the client’s own review platform. 

Over the course of the review an additional 20,000 documents were added to the first level workstream for a total of 90,000 documents to be reviewed. On the 4th day of review the team was bifurcated to complete the privilege log concurrently with the first-level review and the initial request was completed in five days. Based on this result a smaller team of 18 reviewers was retained to complete a privilege log review of 12,000 additional documents in the client’s internal review platform. 


The client was able to successfully meet deadlines thanks to Sandline’s agile advisory, tenacious proactivity, and access to experienced document reviewers. The client was impressed with the review work product and continues to engage Sandline for additional document reviews.