Personal vs Sensitive Data Under the PDPA of Taiwan

Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act, or PDPA, is a landmark piece of legislation that provides comprehensive protection regarding the use of personal data by private entities or governmental agencies. Article one of the PDPA’s General Provisions defines the act as “enacted to regulate the collection, processing and use of personal data to prevent harm to personality […]

Taiwan’s Data Privacy Law

Taipei Taiwan

Taiwan’s comprehensive one-piece Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is a milestone piece of legislation that paved the way for significant changes in privacy law. The PDPA applies to all public organizations, companies, and individuals regarding the collecting, processing, using, and storing of all personally-identifying information. Personal and family use exceptions apply, as does image data if it […]

Sandline: Your eDiscovery Partner in Asia

Cross-Border Sensitivity With data centralization laws becoming prevalent worldwide, cross-border sensitivity is more critical than ever. As a result, global data-localization measures more than doubled between 2017 and 2021. Five years ago, 35 countries implemented 67 data localization measures. Now, 144 restrictions exist across 62 countries, with more on the horizon.  The European Centre for […]