SandBox™ – The Remote Mobile Forensic Collection Kit.


SandBox™, our remote data collection solution for mobile devices, made its debut in December 2021 and it has already traveled thousands of miles throughout the US! As of today, SandBox has been successfully used for forensic data collections of devices across seven states and the list continues to grow. 

Remote collection solutions have been around for a long time but with the recent shift to hybrid and remote workforces, it has become “the new norm.” It is important to note that onsite data collections, in many cases, are still required. While remote collections for specific data sources is still the preferred method, SandBox offers clients the flexibility of a remote, fully defensible, efficient solution.  From forensic collection of all data on a mobile device to a targeted forensic collection of only select text messages – or chats from specific apps on the device – SandBox is the go-to solution.

In response to all the success and positive feedback received from both our clients and data custodians, we have already expanded our capabilities to keep up with the demand and will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.  It is exciting to see remote collection solutions continue to evolve and how today’s technology can be leveraged.  At Sandline Global, in addition to focusing on technology, we are laser focused on providing a superior client experience.  SandBox has been configured and our process designed to accommodate data custodians who are tech-savvy as well as those who may require extra guidance.  When addressing our client’s needs, we believe that the human element is equally as important as the technology that is leveraged.     

When it comes to strategic innovation, SandBox is just the beginning. Be on the lookout for new innovative solutions from Sandline to be announced soon!