Relativity One.

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Relativity, Now in the Cloud

A simply powerful solution to all your data challenges. From running internal investigations to conducting e-discovery and more.

Collect your data straight from the source

Get the most critical data into your team’s hands quickly and defensibly with Collect in RelativityOne. Pull directly from a wide variety of popular enterprise technologies without ever leaving the cloud.

Collaborate on a global scale

RelativityOne is available in 17 countries, including some of the most privacy-forward, and supported by substantial investment in SaaS-based infrastructure. Choose where you want your data to live, enjoy one unified version of the software, and enable seamless collaboration around the world.

Increase productivity with out-of-the-box automation

Start digging into the most important documents sooner with automation at scale that helps you eliminate manual workflows, reduce human error, and jumpstart your path to AI-powered insights

See all your communications in context

Flip through emails, texts, and collaboration data like you would in the native app. Follow conversations across channels and see who someone talked to, what they said, and when.



Maximize efficiency with integrated translation

Streamline translations and reduce risk with Translate in RelativityOne. Use AI to translate large batches or single documents into more than 100 languages – without ever leaving the platform.



Automate redactions

Use Redact, the industry’s most comprehensive redaction capabilities, to protect PII and adhere to evolving global privacy regulations.



Featuring Industry Standard Ai

Relativity has the most widely adopted AI in the market and has been leveraged by over 500 organizations around the world to streamline and accelerate their legal matters. 

Designed for Everyone and Every Job

An enjoyable user experience meets tremendous scalability. It’s simply powerful.



Eliminate manual tasks, jumpstart your path to AI-powered insights, and gain valuable time back in your day. Automated and templatized workflows make it easy.

Faster reviews

Fly through documents and easily act on your data with light-speed performance and an intuitive user interface that anyone can use.


Unparalleled Scale

RelativityOne supports massive volumes of data, while real-time performance monitoring and job queue control help you take on the largest and most complex cases.


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