Our Team.

Philippe Stevens

Director of Business Development

Philippe brings over 15 years of exemplary experience in global business development within the content management sector, specializing across diverse industries. His extensive background spans verticals such as oil and gas, telecom, financial services, legal, and compliance.


Philippe has previously collaborated intensively with global law firms and corporate legal departments, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of our partner landscape. His focus on enhancing processes through streamlined data utilization and fostering smoother connections between departments and sources globally aligns seamlessly with our priorities.

Passionate about optimizing workflows through cutting-edge SaaS technology, Philippe is dedicated to advising companies on improving their current methods of operation. His goal is to facilitate progress for Sandline Global and its clients in the most effective manner possible.

The positive discussions Philippe had with Ralf, Andy, and Jon prior to taking on this role reflected a shared approach and strategy in global business development. He is excited about contributing to the growth of Sandline Global’s business and footprint, aligning with the advancement of our clients’ businesses.

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