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Jimmy Nguyen

Director of Project Management

Jimmy Nguyen serves as a Director of Project Management, with a background rooted in notable legal-tech companies such as UnitedLex, Fronteo, and Innovative Driven. With a blend of technical understanding and strategic thinking, he navigates the path from project conception to completion.

Leadership is central to Jimmy’s approach. He believes in nurturing a collaborative environment, emphasizing the power of a united team moving towards shared objectives. His experiences have shown him that success lies not only in individual talent but also in the collective strength of a team.

Jimmy’s recent tenure at UnitedLex allowed him to refine his data analysis skills, learning how to translate complex data into practical insights that drive smarter project planning and execution. Moreover, his interest in exploring emerging technologies led him to understand and apply AI technologies in ways that bring a fresh perspective to projects.

As a Director of Project Management, Jimmy Nguyen presents a balanced blend of leadership, technical skills, and strategic project execution. His focus remains on nurturing team capabilities and ensuring successful project outcomes, a reflection of his humble but effective approach to leadership in the legal-tech industry.

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