High Volume, Short Time Frame Matters

Sandline’s Track Record in Successfully Supporting High Volume Short Time Frame Matters With the exponential growth of digital data and ever-increasing regulatory requirements, organizations are

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Cyber Incident Response

Handling a cyber incident can be stressful for clients and counsel due to the initial breach and the pressure to quickly review the compromised data.

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Everlaw Features We Love

„My favorite feature is that you can date limit individual STR terms rather than having to create an entirely new STR with a different base

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What is eDiscovery?

An Understanding of eDiscovery Picture this, after a long and tedious custodian interview and collection process you have obtained around 20 or so boxes full

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Project Analyst

Principal Responsibilities:  Monitor and report on the progress of client projects across all of Sandline’s departments Obtain, examine and prepare client data for processing Assist

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