SandBox – Our NEW Remote Mobile Forensic Collection Kit!

Our team of seasoned forensic experts is known for delivering a first-class client experience

  • Does your matter require immediate collections from mobile devices?

  • Are travel expenses / expenses a concern?

  • Is your data custodian tech savvy?

  • Is there a stable Internet connection or cellular network nearby?

  • Is the data custodian available for 1 hour to connect with a data collection specialist?

If you answered “Yes!”- Meet SandBox…

Our innovative solution to remote, defensible data collections!

SandBox reflects our team’s ongoing commitment to leverage technology & best practices to meet our client’s needs.

  • Priority shipment to any physical address in the continental U.S.

  • All necessary components & documentation to forensically collect mobile devices

  • Walk-through by a seasoned data collection expert

  • Minimal setup &full transparency of what data is being preserved, searched, & exported

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