November News 2023


Soak up the last bit of time this fall by visiting one of these recommendations from Travel + Leisure.

21 Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the United States.

With football being the heartbeat of fall and all of the entertaining moments of this film capturing the essence of the sport, we wholeheartedly recommend watching ‘Remember the Titans’.


Gastropod discusses food through the lens of science and history. Their most recent episode discussed the fall favorite flavor, Pumpkin Spice.

Sandline creates custom solution to perform in-place MD5 hash comparisons in corporate Google Workspace tenant.


Sandline, a forensic services provider, was approached by an Employment Dispute Law firm to address a data identification and remediation challenge within a Google Workspace environment.

The client required the MD5 hashes of all content to compare against a list of known hashes for allegedly stolen documents. Since Google Workspace didn’t allow admins to search MD5 hashes, Sandline’s forensic team developed a custom Python script to crawl through over 12 TB of content (2 million+ files), creating an inventory with MD5 hashes.

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Employee Spotlight

Richard Perrillo

Title: Senior Forensics Manager

Location: New York, NY

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, I have a deep appreciation for nature and hiking, which provide a genuine connection with the world around me. I’m also enthusiastic about food, culture, and travel, always on the lookout for new culinary experiences and absorbing diverse traditions. Music plays a significant role in my life, with various genres enriching my everyday experiences.  These interests not only keep me engaged but also continuously expand my horizon.

What do you love most about working at Sandline?

At Sandline, what captivates me the most is the collaborative environment. I find it highly motivating to work alongside such intellectually driven colleagues, all focused on achieving a common goal. I value the continuous learning and growth opportunities presented here, and I take immense pride in being part of such interesting and impactful projects.

Tell us about a time you helped solve a challenge for a client?

Recently, a client approached us with a request to extract metadata from all files stored within their Google Drive while ensuring forensic integrity, without the need for a comprehensive forensic collection of the entire environment. This task exceeded the capabilities of existing technologies. In response, I developed a unique set of tools designed to tackle this particular challenge. This solution not only successfully acquires all the necessary metadata but also facilitates a targeted forensic data collection process. The results went beyond the client’s initial expectations, underscoring the significance of inventive problem-solving within our organization.

Tell me about your pets and/or family

While I don’t currently have any pets, I’ve always been fond of both cats and dogs and hope to welcome one into my home in the future. As for family, I’m fortunate to have a close, supportive group who visits often. We cherish our time together, whether it’s catching up over dinner or enjoying a Yankee game. Their presence and our shared moments are a constant source of joy and grounding in my life.


Aldonys Holiday Party – New York, New York

December 1st 

Marcus Evans Chief Litigation Officer Summit – Amelia Island, Florida

December 3rd-5th 

In House Matters – Frankfurt, Germany

December 7th 

Cyber Social Hub – Virtual

December 12th-14th


LegalWeek 2024 – New York, New York

January 29th – February 1st

Cellebrite CCO & CCPA Training – Sandline NYC Office

March 3rd-8th 

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024 – Washington, DC

April 1st-2nd

NALI Regional Conference – Boston, Massachusetts 

April 5th