January News 2024

The calm after the storm which was Legal Week NYC. Our read/watch/listen is focused on finding your Zen this week to get back into the swing of things. 


In “Do Hard Things,” Steve Magness, a performance expert, introduces a groundbreaking approach to resilience, grounded in the latest science and psychology, emphasizing the importance of embracing reality, listening to your body, responding instead of reacting, and transcending discomfort for true inner strength. 

“Interstellar” is a science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan, where Earth faces a global crop failure, and a group of astronauts embarks on a space mission through a wormhole in search of a habitable planet for humanity’s survival. As they navigate through different worlds and encounter the complexities of time dilation, the film explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the boundless possibilities of space exploration.


Use this Calm Down Spotify playlist to take ahold of your week! It has over 556,364 likes and 70 songs for everyone’s music taste.

Service Spotlight: Beyond Bytes

Our co-sponsored event was a saucy success with a presentation by pizza connoisseur, Anthony Falco, and an informative discussion on Sandline’s and Cellebrite’s partnership by Rob Fried and Christian Parker.

Attendees learned about the operations and buildout of Sandline’s NYC Lab, how Sandline leverages Cellebrite solutions for a diversified forensic toolkit for forensic collections and analyses, and how Sandline uses Cellebrite Guardian for standardization and streamlined inter-departmental communications.

Employee Spotlight

Andy Ward

Title: Managing Director, EMEA

Location: Malaga, Spain

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Whether it’s making pancake birthday cakes for my daughters babydolls at 8am on a Saturday morning, taking a hike on a nice day or having a leisurely lunch with the family, it’s the little things that make my day. When I want a break from the day to day I enjoy Scuba diving, ice hockey, golf, (clients always win!), travelling and the occasional computer game.

What do you love most about working at Sandline?

The family atmosphere and cultural identity of the company is extremely important to me. At Sandline we hire on cultural fit first, and it’s been easy to understand why the company has been successful. When a team works well together customers notice. What’s particularly unique about SLG is the global spread of the company and the preservation and strengthening of company culture as a result. Our customers experience white glove service, whether it’s in the US, Germany, UK, Taiwan, UAE or any of the others parts of the world we work in.

Tell us about a time you helped solve a challenge for a client?

When clients come to me there is usually a time crunch, specific data/technical challenges, and/or the client hasn’t been satisfied with the outcome or commercials from their existing service provider relationships. One particular example involved a contentious corporate transaction where my client only had access to their data for a further 48 hours. Instead of taking the near-impossible approach of forensically imaging complex business systems, we worked together to find ways to export out meaningful information from the systems- bypassing the impossible and focusing on where the business value was captured in their systems. If we would have simply preserved the servers as requested we would have generated more revenue, but it was not necessary, and ultimately having to re-build, configure and fine-tune the resulting systems to extract the information post-preservation would have been of very low cost/benefit.

Tell me about your pets and/or family

I have a four-year-old daughter, Isabella. She’s the center of my world, and a happy kid. We watch out for a couple of neighborhood cats, Tokyo and Daddy Kitty.

Net Diligence Miami

February 12th-14th 

iManage Chicago

February 27th-29th 

Cellebrite CCO & CCPA Training – Sandline NYC Office

March 3rd-9th 

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024 – Washington, DC

April 3rd-4th

Legal Revolution 

May 14th-15th

Lexpo Amsterdam 

June 10th-11th

Legal Geek US 

June 20th