Sandline Agility and Adaptability: A Forensic Collection Case Study


The client – a prominent multinational media company – found itself embroiled in a legal matter requiring immediate attention. The task – to collect electronic evidence stored on mobile devices used by key custodians. With time ticking away, the client turned to Sandline Global, a company known for its expertise, agility, and responsiveness in digital forensics. 


Sandline Global received the collection alert the night before and – with the clock ticking – mobilized its team for an onsite data collection at the client’s corporate office in New York City. 

Expertise and Agility in Action:

Sandline Global’s team showcased their unparalleled expertise and agility in handling such high-stakes situations. With a comprehensive understanding of eDiscovery and forensic protocols the team swiftly organized resources and logistics for an onsite operation. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies they ensured a streamlined and efficient data collection process. This included the requirement to perform onsite culling of data based on contact information including names, telephone numbers, and account usernames. In a time when there is increased sensitivity to data security and the potential for co-mingled data (corporate and personal), Sandline Global’s team is readily prepared to address such concerns. 

Less than 12 hours after notification, Sandline arrived at the client’s headquarters. The onsite team performed data collections in a manner that adhered to stringent forensic standards. Sandline Global’s team worked diligently to preserve the integrity of the evidence and performed the required data culling while minimizing any potential disruption to the client’s day-to-day operations. 

Results and Client Satisfaction:

Sandline Global’s responsiveness, local NYC presence, and commitment to excellence resulted in a successful onsite data collection operation. The client was impressed by the team’s ability to meet the tight deadline without compromising the integrity of the collected evidence. It is important to have an agile and trusted partner to lean on when time is of the essence.