Expedited Incoming Production Review for AM Law Firm

An AM Law firm faced a daunting challenge: they needed to review a 23,000 document incoming production in under 48 hours to prepare the case team for a fact-finding meeting with the Judge. They turned to Sandline’s experienced and consultative managing review attorneys.


23,000 documents moved from production to review


Our team only had two days to fulfill the deadline


The project required four distinct document categories


With a large set of documents for such a tight timeframe, the firm needed an agile yet reliable review solution to assist them with finding any key documents that could impact their case before a scheduled meeting at court.


Sandline’s managed review met with the firm’s case team to understand their key goals and timeline. Based on their consultation, Sandline updated the firm’s review protocol to create a workflow using issue codes and metadata that would help categorize the production data and find the most important docs for the firm’s key stakeholders   Sandline then quickly provided a team of expert-trained document reviewers overseen by an experienced managing attorney to start the project and meet their deadline.

Using advanced technology and strategic case knowledge, the review team swiftly categorized and identified key documents.  Based on Sandline’s customized workflow, a seemingly massive set of 23,000 documents became organized into a data set of key docs, relevant communications, financial information, and irrelevant material.


Sandline’s support enabled the firm to meet the deadline, make informed legal decisions using Sandline’s quality work product, and uphold their client’s interests. 

“Thank you and your team for being able to accomplish all that you did in such a short amount of time.”