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Sandline’s white-glove approach to service combined with Everlaw’s modern ediscovery platform transforms traditional approaches to discovery and investigations. Together, we support you by expertly managing your end-to-end ediscovery projects. Accelerate the modernization of your discovery process with Everlaw + Sandline, and chart a straighter path to the truth. 

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About Everlaw

Built with legal professionals in mind, Everlaw is the world’s most advanced ediscovery software. Everlaw’s technology empowers organizations to tackle the most pressing technological challenges, streamlining litigation and investigations workflows by automating manual tasks and surfacing key insights. 

50/50 U.S. State Attorneys Generals use Everlaw

91 of Am Law 200 firms use Everlaw

Everlaw processes 900k docs/hour on average

Industry-leading review speed of 140 docs/hour

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Deliver Clarity

When we approach a matter, the questions aren’t “how many documents are responsive, confidential, or deal with topic X?” The questions are “does the data confirm my theories are correct?” “Does it show that they can be (dis)proven?” 

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Everlaw allows Sandline to work with your team, leveraging your expertise with real-time collaboration. Meeting the strictest security standards, Everlaw combines efficient document review, powerful analytics, and case-building, all in one place.document review, powerful analytics, and case building all in one place.

Gain Insight

The user-friendly, AI-powered Everlaw platform helps you quickly uncover hidden connections in your data to gain early insight into a claim or case, no matter the size or complexity. By combining Everlaw’s powerful machine learning, visualization, and concept clustering with Sandline’s custom workflows, we help you meet your objectives more efficiently. Everlaw + Sandline lets you turn the burden of data into an asset, with confidence.

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