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Our goal is to develop an understanding, not just to complete a review.

Our approach goes far beyond standard searching. We leverage a series of advanced analytics platforms, machine learning, and custom workflows to bolster the work of our review experts. All the technology and expertise we deploy are aligned with the sole purpose of understanding your data and bringing clarity to your case.

Innovation and efficiency. Our approach not only brings greater understanding, it is also more efficient. By prioritizing analytics during Early Case Assessment and deploying custom quality control processes, it allows us to make the entire review more efficient, reliable, and cost effective. 


In a market where service providers draw on the same pool of talent, Sandline attracts top reviewers by offering higher-than-market pay and unique advancement opportunities. This allows Sandline to staff the best and brightest people on your project.

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 Our approach: Reduce, Categorize, Investigate.

Reduce & Categorize

Every document set needs to be separated into the relevant and the irrelevant, privileged and not-privileged. Sandline’s efficient workflows save time and money on the part of all parties by removing data that is of no utility to anyone in the matter. 

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Continuous data-driven optimization in the form of circular quality control efforts and feedback among all involved in the process ensure that large course corrections are rarely needed.


Reports are provided that contain valuable and actionable information on data content and anticipated review burden.


Review protocol consulting to kick off the project right, optimizing both the methodology of the review and the structure of review workspaces and processes.


When you approach a matter, the questions aren’t “how many documents are responsive, confidential, or deal with topic X?” The questions are “does the data confirm my theories are correct?”  “Does it show that they can be (dis)proven?”

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The Investigation phase uncovers the meaningful facts, patterns, and documents within a dataset. Instead of discarding the knowledge a review team has accumulated, we aggregate that knowledge into advanced reporting and send it to your case team. This drastically reduces the time it takes your team to gather meaningful statements for depositions and motion practice. 


Expert Fact Development – Our review managers work with case teams to determine the key facts, people, dates, and events which need in-depth description. Using this information along with their experience in the review set, our teams produce the information that is meaningful to the advancement of your case.

Information needs intelligence. If you’d like to speak to an expert about our approach to analytics and review, we’d be more than happy to walk you though our solutions. 

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