Analytics Powers Savings, 5million Documents Down to 51k.

A global chemical company found themselves embroiled in a contract dispute. As discovery progressed, the company needed to sift through a large corpus quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.


Reduced the review population from 5 million to 51,000


Elusion test noted a 1.3% responsiveness in the remaining documents


Saved $19,000 and 400 review hours.


A global chemical company faced a contract dispute, necessitating the rapid and cost-efficient review of a vast document corpus during the discovery phase.


Collaborating with an AM Law 100 firm, the end-client enlisted Sandline Global’s expertise to optimize the document review process. Utilizing search terms, early case assessment methodologies, including search term consultation, email threading, and file type analysis,

Sandline efficiently reduced the potential review population from over 5 million documents to 51,000. The company then implemented NexLP continuous active learning (CAL) to further refine the document prioritization.


With CAL in action, a small review team focused on the most likely responsive documents, bringing them to counsel’s attention early in the process. After reviewing half of the documents, an elusion test on 400 documents revealed a mere 1.3% responsiveness in the remaining corpus of ~24,500 documents.

Following consultation with the law firm, it was deemed unreasonable to review the remaining 50% of documents, resulting in a substantial saving of approximately $19,000 and four-hundred review hours, equivalent to two and a half weeks.

Sandline’s strategic approach not only streamlined the document review but also achieved significant cost savings for the client during the contract dispute.