Proven Agility: 400 GB Produced in Record Time.

An AmLaw 200 firm enlisted Sandline Global's expertise to manage and analyze 400 GB of data within a 7-day timeframe. Leveraging advanced analytics workflows, Sandline efficiently processed the data, exceeding the client's expectations and demonstrating the pivotal role of analytics in driving superior outcomes.


Sandline was tasked with 400GB of data to review


Three services rendered: processing, review, & production


We only had a week in which to complete the project


An AmLaw 200 law firm sought the expertise of Sandline Global to navigate the complex terrain of processing, review, and producing 400 GB of data within a tight 7-day timeframe. The law firm entrusted Sandline with this matter knowing Sandline’s reputation for agility, high-touch service, and analytics expertise.


At the start of the matter, Sandline received hard drives to the New York City forensic lab. Sandline’s evidence management resources collaborated with project team leads, ensuring the timely staging and processing of data. In record time, Sandline processed these 400 GBs of data, employed advanced analytics workflows, and reduced the document population to a manageable review set to be delivered to the client postproduction.

Throughout the lifecycle of the project, Sandline proactively communicated with the client raising workflow considerations and consulting on the best path forward. This alignment with the client’s vision ensured a tailored outcome that not only met but surpassed expectations. The entire processing and production process was executed within four days, outpacing the client’s deadline, and ensuring a successful outcome.

Results & Client Satisfaction:

Sandline Global not only met but surpassed the demands of the AmLaw 200 firm. The client was appreciative of Sandline’s agility, accountability and proactive commitment to excellence.