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Brandon Mack

Senior Vice President of Analytics and Global Advisory

Brandon began his career as a litigator practicing with a national firm specialized in general corporate litigation. During his time in the eDiscovery industry, he built – from the ground up – a legal solutions division which encompassed document review and additional legal services for large, national corporations and law firms alike. He also successfully led the effort to certify their processes for document review by the International Standards Organization under ISO 9001:2008 protocols and has directed organizations responsible for the delivery of ESI project management services and forensic collection activities.

In his current role, Brandon is responsible for structuring and managing data processing, analytics consulting, and project management groups. His industry specialization has provided him multiple speaking opportunities to share accrued insights on a variety of topics, from advanced analytics in eDiscovery to proper analysis and review design. Brand is also a member of the Michigan State Bar. 

Brandon Mack


  • Kansas, MO


B.S. in Professional Accounting

Bob Jones University

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor