We know data’s complex. Your approach to it doesn’t have to be.

At Sandline, everything connects. Custom playbooks. Predictable pricing. A global network. We’re interested in redefining the accepted norm of litigation support by enabling legal teams with the technology, infrastructure, intelligence, and subject matter experts to excel at their jobs. But beyond this mission, the experience you’ll receive at Sandline is what truly sets us apart. Here’s what our services, in the hands of the industry’s most capable experts, provide throughout every stage of the process.


Sandline performs data preservation, collection, and analysis for both litigation and investigation projects. We specialize in dynamic content and emerging media, including collaborative platforms, social media, mobile data, and enterprise network communication systems.

  • Data Preservation & Forensic Collection
  • Forensic Investigation & Analysis


Sandline has the relevant experience and tools to manage the complexities that make your discovery projects more difficult and more expensive. However, our primary goal is to ensure eDiscovery never gets in the way of your goals. With a mix of industry leading technology, custom tools, time-saving automation, and a responsive and dedicated team, we’re prepared to support you in any number of eDiscovery needs.

  • Processing & Productions
  • Hosting & Analytics
  • Project Management & Consulting

Privacy Consulting

At its core, Sandline is an “Agile Advisory” firm – a team of specialists optimally sized to do more due to less restrictions faced by larger institutions. What’s more, this freedom and flexibility allows us to think more creatively about solutions, as well.

We’re experienced problem solvers focused on delivering clarity through service, and our forensics and eDiscovery clients appreciate and rely on our consultative approach to handling both simple and complex tasks. While we consider consulting to be an integrated part of our process, we also offer it as a standalone service.

  • Data Privacy

Legal Document Management

With an in-depth understanding of law firm needs, IT/information security, and compliance requirements, we help law firms review their own set-up and drive digitalisation in a stable and secure environment.

  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Custom Development
  • Interfaces

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