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Increase efficiency, limit disruption.

Sandline performs data collection and forensic analysis at any stage of an investigation or litigation. Our consultative and holistic approach uses proven methodologies to reduce data volume, balanced with respect for our clients’ time during what is often a challenging and disruptive process.
We help clients gain insight into data through a variety of investigative techniques. From traditional eDiscovery investigations and forensics to the most unique and challenging projects in the public spotlight – including corporate internal investigations, due diligence, fraud, anti-counterfeiting, corporate espionage, and criminal action – we utilize our numerous industry and software-specific certifications and a broad range of experience to get to the answers, quickly. We collect data, interview actors, deliver forensic analysis, help clients discover the truth, and provide expertly written or oral testimony when needed. And each time, we communicate the results in a clear and concise manner.

Our data collection and forensic services methodology is built on a foundation that includes:

  • Defensible identification, preservation, and collection of data
  • Strict security and documentation protocols
  • Expert analysis and cutting-edge tools
  • A focus on reducing data volume and reducing downstream review costs
  • Integration with ECA and review workflow for quick turnaround 

We have a safe, secure and powerful infrastructure, cutting edge forensics and analysis tools, a resourceful and experienced team, and a network of partners and experts at our disposal. 

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