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Sandline Enterprise eDiscovery

A platform for intelligent management of eDiscovery for the enterprise.

eDiscovery success today is far more than just good service at a great price. It’s about quality — maximizing the performance of your internal and external assets. It’s about efficiency—continually assessing project needs and adjusting resources accordingly. And it’s about service—understanding that  a client’s need continually evolves, and  enterprise eDiscovery must alongside them.

That’s Sandline.

While traditional eDiscovery offerings address many of the limitations of manual discovery, they’re transactional in nature, adhering to fixed offerings and time frames. And this approach comes at a cost—cost savings, that is.

Recognizing that legal matters are far from predictable—pick a disruption, any disruption: geopolitical, supply chain, global pandemic, to name a few—Sandline Managed Services (SMS) quickly adapts to the needs of each client, a prescribed flexibility that delivers optimal results.

Customer Centric. Platform Agnostic
We accomplish that by focusing on case outcomes, selecting the appropriate mix of technologies and services to address each client’s dynamic requirements. It’s a customer-centric approach to eDiscovery that ensures an ongoing alignment of priorities.

With our deep investment in smart technologies and our commitment to innovation, we can accommodate any preferred eDiscovery platform and processes, a platform-agnostic approach that minimizes client spend.

The result? The seamless integration of information across data formats, languages and geographics, and universal compatibility that’s critical in today’s global business landscape.

Our certifications

  • Relativity One
  • Relativity Server
  • Everlaw
  • AccessData
  • Oxygen
  • Cellebrite

Putting You in Control

Our centralized approach to data management eliminates redundancies while streamlining processes and reviews—all with a focus on service and quality.


  • Smart:While our backend focus on technology ensures accuracy and optimizes processes, our front-end focus on assembling a highly skilled team of project managers ensures relevance, a quality distinction that’s often missed when the reliance is strictly on automation. We use technology as a means for augmenting, rather than replacing, human expertise.Now that’s smart.


  • Agile Advisors: During discovery, time is always of the essence. At Sandline, we respond quickly and empathetically to each client’s changing needs. At a time when the world is dominated by change, our long-term, partnership approach to each client offers reassurance and predictability.


  • Secure: We offer round-the-clock monitoring, detection and response capabilities, robust vigilance that ensures you data remains safe and protected.


  • Insightful: Data without context remains data. But when combined with our rich analysis and reporting capabilities, it becomes actionable information that helps you extract maximum value from your investment. Whether its cost allocation consulting, comprehensive business intelligent or more, we deliver the context needed to make the most out of your data.


  • Collaborative: Partnering with Sandline is a customized collaboration. Our team is globally coordinated­, delivering unmatched flexibility that works when you do and places your success as our overarching commitment.Ourapproach to collaboration creates meaningful solutions that are available 24/7 wherever and whenever they’re needed, global coordination that ensures the most successful business outcomes.


  • Global: With our global team of professionals operating in four countries (United States, Germany, Taiwan and Dubai), we’re able to offer a diversity of services that reaches globally. The result? Unmatched response times and a seamless, cross-border experience for the most complex projects.

Predictable: While traditional eDiscovery services promote low prices, this faces inherent conflicts between price pressures and quality. At Sandline, our focus is on quality, ensuring the properly alignment of myriad incentives—financial and otherwise—in arriving at desired client outcomes.