Our Team.

Mohammad Jameel

Director, Forensics & eDisclosure

Mohammad is a seasoned digital forensics and eDiscovery professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics with Computer Engineering from Kingston University.
With a wealth of experience in the Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, and Cyber Security domains, he successfully collaborates with global clients, addressing intricate technical challenges at various levels. His proficiency also extends to SaaS software technology. In his previous role as the eDiscovery Manager – Head of Technical Support EMEA, he played a pivotal role in managing teams and overseeing Nuix Licensing software technology in Europe. He also coordinated activities across teams in Australia and the United States. In this role, Mohammad excelled in handling sensitive customer information promptly, ensuring timely resolutions, and meeting client needs efficiently.
His involvement in all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), from data identification and acquisition to processing, production, and presentation, reflects his comprehensive understanding of the field. Additionally, he has provided crucial support for data collections from mobile phones, conducted computer forensic investigations, and assisted the team in all forensic functions, ensuring data acquisition in an approved forensics manner. Mohammad has excelled in preserving data as evidence, forensically extracting, and analyzing information, and guaranteeing its accuracy for presentation in a court of law.

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